Chazen Museum of Art



Susan Day

Michelle Michiko Prestholt

Michelle Michiko Prestholt is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Art History and curatorial intern, Chazen Museum of Art

Chazen Exhibitions

Chazen Education

Ann Sinfield

Ann is the former exhibition manager and registrar.

Adam Ramer

Adam is an editorial assistant 

Jennifer Gramer

John Berner


John Berner is a preparator at the Chazen Museum of Art

Marcia Standiford

Marcia Standiford is an executive assistant at the Chazen.

Marcia Standiford

Maria Saffiotti Dale

Curator of Paintings, Sculpture, and Decorative Arts

Brian King

Brian King is a docent at the Chazen.

Kirstin Pires

Kirstin is the museum's editor.

Russel Panczenko

Russell is the former director of the Chazen Museum of Art.

Karen Barrett-Wilt

Karen is a docent at the museum.

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