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Chazen Exhibition Manager Completes Getty Leadership Institute’s NextGen 2018

The Chazen Museum of Art’s exhibition manager Ann Sinfield has completed the Getty Leadership Institute’s NextGen 2018, an executive education program for mid-level managers tapped as the next generation of museum leaders.

Entry into the program is competitive and required nominations and support from the Chazen Museum of Art as well as recommendations from recognized leaders in the museum field. “It was certainly challenging—participants were stretched to consider not only personal limitations, strengths, and goals, but institutional and field-wide strategies and opportunities,” said Sinfield.

Selection criteria also included candidates’ detailed analysis of the challenges they face in the immediate future; commitment to the museum field; creativity; broad strategic thinking; and the ability to influence policy and affect change at their institutions. The curriculum fosters learning through both theory and practice and aims to enhance museum leadership at the individual, institutional, and societal levels.

“As one of 35 international fellows I have been introduced to many different approaches and possibilities. I am thankful for the support I have received to attend the program and—after over 13 years with the museum—am looking forward to contributing newly gained perspective during this truly exciting time at the Chazen,” Sinfield said.

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