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Secret Places: Chazen's art storage space for non-displayed items

With a collection of more than 20,000 objects, and only about 4 percent on display (about twice that once the expansion opens), we have to store a lot of art. Gena Kittner of the Wisconsin State Journal offers a peek at some of our storage areas.

Although art is in storage, it does not mean it is inaccessible. Artworks may be pulled for college and K–12 classes, scholars, art professionals, and others with a serious interest in areas of the collection. Go to our staff page and contact the curator of education or the appropriate collection area.

"The nearly 1,000 paintings clinging to sliding metal racks create an unexpected collage of subjects and colors in an unassuming storage room on the UW-Madison campus. "Wisconsin State Journal, Gena Kittner, January 21, 2011. Full story.

Chazen Museum of Art

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