Chazen Museum of Art

Museum Etiquette

Guidelines for Visiting During the Pandemic

Museum rules are designed to promote the health of visitors, safety of works of art and to assure pleasant viewing conditions for all visitors. Please help us achieve these goals by adhering to the following rules.

During the pandemic, masks or face covers are required while in the building. Please maintain 6 feet of distance from other visitors. As always, please don't touch anything--especially your face! If you are feeling unwell, please stay home and visit the museum online.

Eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted in the building.

Animals - except trained service animals - are not permitted.

Do not touch works of art, pedestals, frames or cases. Refrain from running, pushing, shoving, or other physical acts that may endanger works of art or other visitors.

Parcel and coat check: Objects such as packages and purses larger than 11 × 14 inches, backpacks, umbrellas, and rigid baby carriers are not permitted in the galleries. A coat room and open shelving are available to stow large items while you visit.

Photography: Photographs or video of the permanent collection may be taken with a hand-held camera without a flash. Prior permission of the registrar must be obtained for the use of tripods, lights, and larger more complex camera equipment; photography of objects on loan or temporary exhibitions, or any other photography or video recording.

Lost and found: Found items should be turned in to the security desk. Inquiries regarding lost items should be directed to security at 608 263-5578 or the officer on duty.

Sketching in the galleries: Visitors may only use graphite pencils and drawing pads no larger than 36 × 36 inches. Pastels, crayons, ink paint, tape measures, and easels are not permitted without prior permission. Visitors are requested to sit at least two feet from a work while sketching or writing. Additional information about works of art on view (such as measurements) is available through our online collections or from the museum registrar at 608 263-3722.

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