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Come to the Table

February 16, March 8, March 29, April 26 | Pleasant T. Rowland Gallery

Artist duo Spatula & Barcode will host four thematic dinners during Faculty Exhibition 2020.
Februrary 16, Come to the Table: Care / 2019
March 8, Come to the Table: Hospitality / 2019
March 29, Come to the Table: Philanthropy / 2019
April 26, Come to the Table: Refuge / 2019
This work is a social performance piece consisting of four dinner parties where invited guests will “Come to the Table” together with works of art from the Chazen collection. Each dinner will have a theme, which will both inspire the directed conversation during the meals and the selection of Chazen artwork that will accompany each event. When the space is not activated by the performance, decorative arts from the Chazen collection will fill the table.
About the artists:
The arts collaborative Spatula & Barcode creates social performances that are based in commensality, conviviality, and criticality.

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