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Maple Leaves Card Case


This business card case is adapted from a wood block print in the book, Shiki No Hana, or Flowers of the Four Seasons. 237 prints fill ten volumes, consisting of stiff paper sewn together. The artist Sakai Hôitsu (1761-1828) began the collection in 1808. Upon his death, his disciple, Suzuki Sonoichi, continued the work and Nakano Sonoaki was later requested to complete the project. It was published nearly a century after its conception. In this scene from one of the three Autumn volumes, brilliant Japanese maple leaves, bold in form and composition, float across the page.

Finish: Steel with chrome finish, giclee print, domed

Dimensions: Approx. 3.75" W x 2.25" L x .25" H

ID #9165

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